Since 2008, the Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust has raised funds to facilitate exchanges between Sciences Po and the UK in particular by financially supporting students wishing to study in the UK through one of the Sciences Po programmes or by encouraging British students to study at Sciences Po in France, as well as by financing visiting professorships.


However, the impact of our efforts goes beyond the formation years of the outstanding scholars that we are proud to support.

It allows them to reach their full potential by supporting their commitment to unrelentingly pursue their academic goals and by enabling them to envisage daring professional paths.

How does this translate into practice?

We invite you to consult the testimonies of some of the scholars who reflected on how our scholarships allowed them to fulfill their professional aspirations:


“My name is Jean-Marie, and I am the 2011 recipient of the Assia de Juniac scholarship. The generosity of the Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust – your generosity –  has had a truly transformational impact on my life.

First, it allowed me to pursue a unique degree between Sciences Po and the LSE, which has fully satisfied my diverse academic interests (finance and international relations). The program both challenged me and kept me curious about the world. For that, I am truly thankful.

Beyond the academic benefits, your generosity has given me early career flexibility. A better financial situation upon graduation allowed me to take a risk, and move to Asia at the end of my degree to join a startup, Lazada (later sold to Alibaba). Without the generous scholarship, I would have immediately joined McKinsey and missed out on an incredible life and work experience.

Your generosity matters. Thank you.”



“How does international health policy shape ordinary people’s daily lives?

An academic question I discovered in the classrooms and libraries of Paris and London thanks to the scholarship from the Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust has turned into a professional passion after graduation.

It still intrigues me a few years later as I am working in the rainforests of Liberia, supporting the country in strengthening its health system after the devastating Ebola outbreak.”


Jean-Marie Wecker

The Excellency Award Assia de Juniac 2011

Viktor Siebert

The Merit Award Roger Seydoux 2009

Sheilah Olang

The Excellency Award Assia de Juniac 2014


"For me, receiving this scholarship made the difference between being able to accept my dual-degree offer and not pursuing my graduate studies. I've always had a strong conviction that politics and economics should be studied in tandem and the LSE-Sciences Po program fit my need. Unfortunately, financial instability proved to threaten my pursuit, until I was awarded the Sciences Po UK Alumni Trust scholarship.

My long term goal is to contribute to Kenya's development agenda and this opportunity has allowed me achieve this. Today, as I prepare to launch my professional career, my options are indeed exciting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity"